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About Me

In 2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and thereafter I quickly had a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Like all other breast cancer patients in the U.K. after my mastectomy, I was provided with a silicone breast prosthesis. This was given to me at a time when my world was upside down and it went some way to “normalising” me. At the time I would say it was priceless in terms of my emotional well being.
The project has made links with the Indian Cancer Society in Delhi, who prior to our donations gave out sponge and latex prostheses, on a voluntary basis, to women who could not afford to buy them after their mastectomies.
They now provide, the silicone prostheses donated from the UK to the women, on a voluntary basis.
These silicone prostheses are generously provided by women, like myself, who no longer require their prostheses normally once breast reconstruction has occurred.
They are of even greater use in the sense that the poorer women in India cannot dream of having breast reconstruction due to the huge cost and therefore the prostheses are of paramount value to them as they are normally used lifelong.

Angela Bhandari.

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